BMT Cloud consists of hardware modules within the warehouse that communicate with the server that collects and transmits data to the online portal for onsite and/or remote viewing of your forklift fleets battery operation.

  • Asset Simplification - Our Primary Objective For All Of The Hardware And Management Systems That We Provide Is To Take The Guess Work Out Of Battery Management And Operational Downtime. The services we provide will take your warehouse to The next level operationally to ensure batteries are correctly Charged by the correct chargers and maintained correctly without the need for additional training of staff.
  • Manage - Lifecycle management for batteries, chargers, gateways and power loggers. Know the battery health of your fleet without costly assessments. Predictive Scheduled Downtime For equipment For Maintenance and or battery Replacement.
  • Monitor - Ensure fleet uptime with actionable data. Track improvement with Key Performance Indication history. Optimize the long-term performance of your fleet. Extend The Life Of Batteries And the forklifts.
  • Savings - You will see savings from the absence of operational downtime Caused By Human Error and Lack of technical knowledge.